Anti Slip Knee Support Brace Sleeve Knee Protector Brace




This knee brace has the ideal design to help you recover from knee surgery or injuries, preventing pain and future injuries during strenuous exercise. The top-grade nylon material of our amazing knee support ensures optimal durability and strength, while also making it comfortable to wear and washable.Perfect for running, hiking, and outdoor sports activities!!!


- Color: Grey.
- Material: Nylon cloth.    
- Size S: 10.62in(Length); 5.90in(Top Width); 5.11(Bottom Width); 11.8-13.77in (Fitted Leg Circumference);
- Size M: 10.62in(Length); 6.29in(Top Width); 5.51in(Bottom Width); 13.77-16.14in (Fitted Leg Circumference);
- Size L: 10.62in(Length); 6.69in(Top Width); 5.90in(Bottom Width); 16.53-18.50in (Fitted Leg Circumference);
- Size XL: 10.62in(Length); 7.08in(Top Width); 6.29in(Bottom Width); 18.89-21.65in (Fitted Leg Circumference);
- Anti-slip with double knitting texture. Comfortable to wear.
- Keeps your knee cap and muscles in the proper position even while you exercise and walk.
- Great for protecting from potential sprains and aiding in injury recovery.
- Enables you to run, play sports, or keep up with your kids again without pain and instability. Super easy to use.

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