Iridescent High-Density, Pressure Point Foam Roller


There's nothing that can Shape your body and Relieve muscle pain like a great foam roller!  This one not only is made with the highest quality EVA materials, including the small cloud-shaped textured surface for additional effectiveness, it's appearance is stunning with its iridescent finish.  High density, uniquely soft and gentle.  The texture delicately pins and stretches your soft tissue for a world-class therapeutic massage.  This roller is good for shoulders, lats, hamstrings, calves, quads, triceps, and biceps.  Perfect for physical therapy rehab.  As an added bonus, it shapes a gorgeous body, as well!  Not only feel good physically but feel confident and incredible as everyone asks where you found that gorgeous foam roller!!  

Great for Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, Gym, and Massages!

 *Allow 30-50 days for shipping. Order now to receive before the holiday rush!

Model Number: ALINAFRFR04211
Material: EVA
Size: 1777*5.90in/23.6*5.90*5.90in
Color: Pink/Blue/Green/Purple

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