Laptop Bestie™

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Perfect for the entrepreneurial laptop lifestyle!

Portable Laptop Stand With Stand Tray - 40% OFF - FLAPZEN


✔️ Reduces strain- Adjustable to eye level reducing strain on back and neck. Keyboard alignment reduces repetitive strain from typing

✔️ Easy to store- Folds flat for easy storage.

✔️ Work anywhere- Legs are adjustable for working at your desk, couch, or even bed.

Adjustable Laptop Table – Carteese

Are you a hardworking entrepreneur suffering from annoyingly painful back strain from leaning over your laptop for hours?  Does your laptop slide around while trying to work in bed, or even worse, cramp your neck while trying to see the screen?  Would you love to see it eye-level while working on the kitchen table or in a lounge chair on the beach?  Wouldn't it be great to have a portable desk while traveling to an exotic place or working out by the pool?

Working from home or abroad makes it difficult to manage both health and current lifestyle. More often than not bad back pain and strain can come from sitting with poor posture.  But with your own laptop bestie, working remotely can be sooo much easier!  

This specially designed ergonomic laptop stand is your perfect solution to relieving those strains! By simply bringing your laptop screen to eye level, this stand will easily help you improve your posture. Your laptop will also benefit from increased air circulation, boosting performance by preventing overheating.  Stop straining and gain better focus...

These health-saving laptop besties always run out of stock quickly, especially during the holidays.  Don't procrastinate... Grab it and go! Whether it be your bedroom, living room or the Caribbean.  Productivity never looked or felt so good!


1. Panel: 16.5x11 in.

2. Material: aluminum panel & legs, ABS joints

3. Weight: 3.7 lbs

4. Outside Dims: 19x11x2 in.

5. Width Between Leg Segments: 15.25, 16.5, 17.75 in.

What Separates Laptop Bestie from The Competition?

Laptop Bestie has been built since ~2010 using premium materials and industry-leading production methods. Many companies have copied the original design with visually similar, cheaper, poorer quality products

* ALUMINUM PANEL: The solid, aluminum panel is engineered for the proper thickness to ensure a stable computing experience. “cheap” competitors use thinner composite panels that bend and wobble.

* ALUMINUM LEGS + ABS JOINTS: ABS joints with 10+ yrs of proven durability connect Laptop Buddy's aluminum legs. Some competitors use plastic legs and unrefined joints that are difficult to adjust.

* MOUSE PAD is ergonomically-designed to connect to the panel in proper alignment with your keyboard (as opposed to clamping to the leg).

All measurements are approximate.
Color: Black
Finish: Aluminum
Style: Modern
Dimensions: 18(H) x 16.5(W) x 11(D)

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